LEED Certificates

LEED Certificates

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is American system for assessing construction created by USGBC (U.S. Building Council Green).

Since November 2016, it is possible to register projects only in the latest fourth version of the system – LEED v4.

During the certification process, all elements of sustainable construction are taken into account, such as:

  • integrated design process
  • location and type of land intended for the investment
  • energy consumption
  • water consumption
  • quality of the internal environment
  • the type of materials used
  • innovation.

These categories are divided into credits for which a project can earn a given number of points. Credits can be divided into those whose fulfilment is necessary to obtain a certificate (Prerequisites) and those whose selection is voluntary (Credits). After the certification process, the project receives LEED certificate on one of four levels depending on the number of points obtained:

  • Certified
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Certification may cover existing buildings, new buildings and individual rental areas (shops, offices). LEED v4 is divided into several systems depending on the type of certified building.

Go4Energy specjalizuje się w następujących certyfikacjach:

  • New buildings – LEED BD+C (Building Design and Construction) for New Construction, Core and Shell, Retail, Hospitality, Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Existing buildings –  LEED O+M (Operation and Maintenance) for Existing Buildings, Hospitality, Retail
  • Leased space – LEED ID+C (Interior Design and Construction) for Commercial Interiors, Retail, Hospitality.

Go4Energy is a member of the USGBC. The team consists of people with LEED AP Building Design + Construction and LEED AP Interior Design & Construction privileges.

„LEED AP” and the related acronym, and the LEED AP logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and awarded to individuals under license by the Green Building Certification Institute.

As part of LEED certification we provide:

  • The process is carried out by an experienced team fluent in English
  • Conducting the preliminary assessment
  • Advice on choosing the most appropriate level of certification
  • Project registration service on the LEED platform on-line with account administration
  • Active participation of a person with LEED AP privileges in the whole process
  • Verification of documentation prepared by designers and contractors to meet certification requirements
  • Conducting training in the principles of certification for the project team, project managers and contractors
  • Energy model development (EA Prereq Minimum Energy Performance and EA Cre Optimize Energy Performance)
  • Performing natural light analysis (EQ Cre Daylight)
  • Perform window view analysis (EQ Cre Quality Views)
  • Performing Life-Cycle Assessment (MR Cre Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction) analysis
  • Conducting the Commissioning process (EA Prereq Fundamental Commissioning and Verification, EA Cre Enhanced Commissioning)

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