GBS certification

GBS certification

GBS (Green Building Standard) is a Polish building certification system. The body granting this certificate is the POLISH INSTITUT FOR ECOLOGICAL BUILDING (

The aim of the GBS Certification is to promote buildings with the following design solutions:

  • ensuring user comfort
  • creating favourable conditions for the internal environment
  • developing procedures to maintain internal environmental conditions during operation
  • providing additional facilities for users
  • Rationalising the energy consumption of the building
  • developing procedures to ensure that rational energy consumption is maintained during
  • operation
  • involving users in co-creating a comfortable indoor environment with rational energy consumption through training
The assessed design solutions are based on the building model. In order to maintain data consistency, it is assumed that the building model used throughout the assessment procedure should form the basis for both the indoor environment and energy consumption


The idea of Green Building Standard certification is to promote buildings in which, thanks to integrated design, all parties of the investment process (Investor, Owner, Designer, Contractor, Manager) will be able to create a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for the building’s users, with reduced energy consumption in relation to the applicable requirements. Newly designed buildings and buildings after thorough modernization may undergo the certification process.

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