Taxonomy is a system of uniform classification of sustainable development activities. It is intended to facilitate the identification and classification of investments that support sustainable development, setting out the conditions that an economic activity/investment must meet in order to be classified as sustainable.

Who is obliged to reporting?

  1. Companies required to report non-financially (NFRD)
  2. Financial market participants that offer financial products in accordance with the EU SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation)

Criteria for considering an investment as environmentally sustainable

1.It makes a significant contribution to one or more of the environmental objectives:

  • Mitigation of the effects of climate change,
  • Adaptation to climate change,
  • Sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources,
  • Transition to a circular economy,
  • Pollution prevention and control,
  • Protection and restoration of ecosystem biodiversity;

2.Does not cause serious harm to any environmental objective;

3.Provides minimum safeguards for social security and governance;

4.Meets technical eligibility criteria.

Building owners and managers should bear in mind that the Taxonomy has separate requirements for new and existing buildings, and that Non-Financial Reporting and long-term plans and climate change strategies will have an impact on obtaining capital and financing projects.

What can Go4Energy do for you?

– Prepare a report on the compliance of your investment with the EU Taxonomy

– Conducting an analysis of the impact of BREEAM and LEED certification on the Taxonomy

– Additional analyses related to compliance with the Taxonomy requirements

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