Project Commissioning is a process which aims to check whether all supervised installations operate in accordance with their intended use, the Investor’s Project Requirements (OPR), as well as the Basis of Design (BoD) guidelines.

This process is aimed at a comprehensive verification, starting from the planning and design process, through the construction and acceptance stage, to the use process.

The Commissioning process is not only an opportunity to gain additional points (Enhanced Commissioning), but it is also a so-called Prerequisite, i.e. a point necessary to meet when applying for LEED certification.

The increased level of awareness and the growing demands of users have made the use phase of the facility a key element, quite often overlooked by those involved in the project. Ensuring the comfort of the user, through training and transfer of knowledge about the installation, gives the most optimal results, both in terms of subjective feelings of the building’s users and financially measurable effects.

Our team consists of a person with Commissioning Authority (CxA) powers, who is responsible for conducting and coordinating the Commissioning process.

We are a dynamically developing company and on the basis of several years of experience gained in numerous projects, we have extended our offer, among others, by:

  • Review of mechanical installations (on the basis of technical descriptions and drawings) covered by the supervision process in terms of their future regulation,
  • Additional control measurements, checking the correct adjustment of ventilation, chilled water, process heat and central heating systems.

The additional review at an early stage of the executive design and control measurements before the building is commissioned for use ensures that all systems, subject to the commissioning process, are designed and installed according to the Investor’s requirements. Additionally, the systems are tested in order to detect and eliminate possible design and regulatory errors.

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