Audits, measurements

Audits, measurements

An energy audit is a multi-stage procedure aimed at optimizing energy consumption and reducing costs related to energy production and transport, operation of an existing building, technological process, installation.

A properly conducted audit brings measurable financial and operational benefits. It is a complex process, implemented in several main stages:

  • Data collection – the first stage includes reviewing the documentation, visiting the object, making an inventory of technological systems and performing an analysis of their functioning and measurements. In addition, data on energy consumption and information related to the maintenance of the facility are collected.
  • – Data analysis – as part of the second stage, an analysis of data collected during the first stage is carried out, allowing to determine areas of energy consumption.
  • – Conclusions and recommendations – in the last stage, modernization proposals are presented to optimize energy consumption, taking into account their economic result.
Depending on the client’s expectations, we perform energy audits on the basis of Polish regulations, including the new Energy Efficiency Act, implementing the European Directive 2012/27/EU, or ASHRAE guidelines, mainly related to LEED certification.

Energy audit of the company

A specific form of energy audit is the energy audit of an enterprise, dedicated to large enterprises, i.e. according to the definition of the Freedom of Business Activity Act, to companies with at least 250 employees or with an annual turnover of at least €50 million. The energy audit of an enterprise should analyse the processes responsible for the consumption of at least 90% of energy, as well as the real estate and means of transport used in the activity.

We carry out the internal environment quality survey based on our own methodology of measuring the basic physical parameters of the air, the presence of pollutants, as well as other factors that affect comfort and well-being in the workplace.

Our offer includes the following measurements and tests:

  • HVAC system measurements
  • Internal environment quality research – IEQ
  • Thermovision testing
  • Measurements according to LEED, BREEAM, WELL Building Standard certification systems
  • Inspections of BMS automation systems / acceptance of BMS installations
  • Testing of ambient and indoor air quality
  • Microbiological testing of the air

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