About us

About us

Go4Energy’s vision

We want to support our clients with our knowledge and experience in achieving their organization’s goals.

Go4Energy’s mission – what do we believe in?

We believe that we can effectively conduct services for our clients and their changing needs, related to the business environment.

Through good identification of needs, we are able to support clients quickly, accurately and comprehensively.

By taking care of the development of our employees, providing a unique workplace, we constantly strive to ensure that satisfaction with the results of our work contributes to the development of our clients and gives positive energy to our employees.

The goal and aspiration of our company is to work with Clients for whom the values we hold are also in their organizations with regard not only to employees, but also to everyone with whom they have business and non-business relations.

Go4Energy is a Polish company that provides professional services in the field of energy analysis, thermal comfort of users, daylighting and artificial lighting, environmental quality and indoor air. Based on calculations, simulations and modelling, the Go4Energy team develops guidelines for energy efficiency in designed buildings. The supplementation of the theoretical models with measurement results is the basis for the analysis of existing buildings.

In line with the idea of sustainable development, Go4Energy develops long-term energy management projects in real estate and provides advice on how to optimise investments in the conceptual, design and operation phases. The company also provides Project Commissioning, GreenFM, BMS Care, Epidemiological Consulting and carries out BREEAM, LEED, WELL and Green Building Standard certification. Go4Energy provides its services to general investment contractors, commercial and residential developers, property managers and companies.

Please take a look at the services we offer.

„As part of our commitment to service excellence, Go4Energy has resolved to adopt the RICS Real Estate and Agency Brokerage Standards (REABS) and Real Estate Management Standards (REMS) as best practice for our department in Poland. The RICS Real Estate Agency and Brokerage Standards provide best practice guidance for real estate agents and brokers throughout the world. Protection and expertise are values at the heart of the RICS Real Estate Management (REM) Guidance Note, which outlines how real estate managers conduct their business.

The purpose of the documents is to ensure that clients receive objective advice, delivered in a professional manner that is consistent with internationally recognized standards.
Both documents comprises high level principles which outline a culture of fairness and transparency.”