Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling

Energy Modelling – in other words, computer simulations enable people involved in the process of designing a new building or modernizing an existing one to make decisions that optimize architectural and installation solutions, which leads to a reduction in energy demand and allows to ensure appropriate conditions for the internal environment.

Computer simulations are performed for most certification systems, including BREEAM, LEED, WELL, GBS, helping to obtain additional loans.

Analyses performed for certification systems:


  • ENE 01 – Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions – Analysis of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
  • HEA 04 – Thermal Comfort – Thermal comfort analysis
  • HEA 01 – Visual Comfort – Daylighting – natural lighting analysis
  • HEA 02 – Indoor Air Quality – Potential For Natural Ventilation – Performance analysis of natural ventilation
  • MAT 01 – Life Cycle Impact – analysis of building materials used
  • ENE 04 – Low carbon design – analysis of the feasibility of low or zero carbon energy sources
  • MAN 02 – Life cycle cost and service life planning (LCC) – building life cycle cost analyses


  • EA Prereq Minimum Energy Performance and EA Cre Optimize Energy Performance – energy model and energy consumption analysis
  • EA Prereq Fundamental Commissioning and Verification, EA Cre Enhanced Commissioning – commissioning process – more information
  • MR Cre Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction – Life-Cycle Assessment analyses
  • EQ Cre Daylight – natural lighting analysis
  • EQ Cre Quality Views – window view analysis

Green Building Standard:

  • Energy consumption analyses
  • Natural lighting analyses
  • Thermal comfort analyses


  • Feature 61 – Right to Light – window view analysis
  • Feature 62 – Daylight modeling – daylight analysis
  • Feature 63 – Daylight fenestration – analysis of glazing parameters

Our offer includes:

  • Advice on optimal installation and architectural solutions that affect energy consumption
  • Energy consumption analyses (energy modelling)
  • Analysis of natural lighting in the building
  • Indoor thermal comfort analyses
  • Analyses of the possibility of using natural ventilation to maintain appropriate air quality on surfaces intended for permanent human habitation

Our Projects

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