The GreenFM service provides management support for the energy use by the building operation analyses, building service data and the actual energy performance. All data from the Building Management System (BMS) are examined for the system correctness especially for the energy efficiency. Monthly report covers the weather forecast and the building use information that are compared with the building energy use, heating and cooling, and the rest media. In the enhanced option, the building systems actual use data are comprised with energy models, what helps to reflect energy use levels for the energy actual use. Additionally, any irregularity in the systems use and increased energy use are presented with the removal suggestions.

The Goal :

The main goal for the GreenFM service is to support building energy use management. Actual energy use data are being generated together with additional indexes that allow to optimize the energy use. Some detailed information allows the Investor and the Facility Management team to match the building systems and devices precisely to the actual operating conditions.

The Investor’s benefits:

Thanks to the GreenFM service, the Investor, Owner, Property Manager and Technical Department have access to sorted building media use documentation. Those data comprised with the actual ones provides complete management information.

Control of building systems allows to optimize the energy use and recognize any irregularity.

Incorporating the GreenFM service contributes to operating cost and energy use reduction.

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