Commissioning is a systematic process that aims to verify if all building systems, being checked, perform as intended according to its usage, Investor’s guidelines included in Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and design standard included in Basis of Design (BoD).

Commissioning is an intentional, visible, cooperative and proactive process. It includes design review, installation verification, proper system start-ups, functional performance tests, operations and maintenance (O&M) training, and complete documentation of systems. This process is a part of  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification, that deals with high standards of green and sustainable buildings. Commissioning is the answer for today’s HVAC systems, that must be energy efficient, satisfy stringent indoor air quality and comfort expectations, and still be designed and constructed within tight budgets.

High awareness and raising User’s requirements make the building use phase one of the key element. Building User’s comfort raises by trainings and passing the knowledge. It gives the best optimal results for the User’s but also reflects the financial performance.

LEED not only includes building commissioning as a way to earn a credit, but also requires it. The system is divided into two “levels” called “Fundamental Commissioning” (prerequisite) and “Enhanced Commissioning” (optional).

An individual must be selected to lead the commissioning efforts for the project – called Commissioning Agent (CxA). A CxA is a member of the Go4Energy team and is responsible for providing and coordination of the Commissioning process.

We have gained experience according many years in providing the Commissioning process. That is why we have extended the offer to include:

  • Mechanical installation review (according to technical description and drawings) that is part of the construction site supervision and that shall be regulated in the future;
  • Extra metering controls to checkup if the ventilation installation, ice water and heating has been properly

Check our experience!

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