Go4Energy announces strategic partnership with Access4you for international accessibility certification

Go4Energy announces strategic partnership with Access4you for international accessibility certification

Sustainable building is also about accessibility. Go4Energy announces a partnership with Access4you International and is the only company in Poland with accreditation for the company’s certification.

Go4Energy Sp. z o.o., is a Polish consulting company with more than 15 years of experience, implementing research and analysis projects, offering consulting and implementation in the field of:

  • energy management in real estate,
  • investment cost optimisation
  • ESG strategy and reporting
  • sustainable certification.
Starting from December 2023, Access4you becomes the next certification service in the Go4Energy portfolio. The solution pertains to the accessibility of the built environment for individuals with special needs related to mobility, vision, hearing, and cognitive functions, also for people with baby strollers and the elderly. The certification can also cover cultural or sports events, which distinguishes the Access4you® Certificate from other certificates of this type.  Its undeniable advantage is its international character, which is not limited only to Polish market. This makes it possible, for example, to certify an international portfolio of buildings according to the same scheme in different countries

Access4you founded in 2019 assesses, certifies and qualifies a location’s accessibility based on a self-developed audit software according to the usability aspects of 9 stakeholder groups. By introducing its innovative solutions, it not only supports the goals of sustainable development, but also contributes to creating a more inclusive society.

“Go4Energy’s collaboration with Access4you is not just an alliance between two companies. It is a real combination of expertise, social mission and commitment to creating a sustainable world. Certified accessibility data provided by Access4you can fit into the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategies of companies not only in the real estate industry. One of the key objectives of both companies is to support customers in the Polish market in this regard.” comments Piotr Bartkiewicz, CEO and founder of Go4Energy

Access4you® certification mark helps to increase the value of a building ensuring real social impact by providing detailed and reliable accessibility information and having insights and if needed development recommendations about the location’s accessibility. From the property owners’ point of view, it is an additional tool to support business objectives. The building also becomes more attractive to tenants, increasing their interest. The data of the rated buildings is collected in Access4you’s database on their website and in their app where people with special accessibility needs can find the key information they need to plan their stay in the location for free. It is also a marketing tool for the property owner to communicate its endevours towards inclusion by displaying the Access4you certification mark on its online channels, as well as linking the Access4you profile to its existing sites.

We are delighted that Go4Energy joined our mission as our first accredited partner in Poland. Together we aim to help businesses of all sizes to provide a socially sustainable built environment accessible for all. Accessibility is not only important for people with disabilities: it also makes life easier for the elderly, people with reduced mobility, people with pushchairs and people who are temporarily disabled due to an accident or illness.” said Balázs Berecz, Founder and CEO of Access4you, who has been a wheelchair user himself for 15 years.

Go4Energy is the only Access4you partner in Poland accredited to conduct certifications. Through their collaboration, both companies not only strengthen their positions in the market but also clearly signal that business must be a driver of change in the ESG context. Together, they strive to build a future where accessibility becomes a standard for everyone, regardless of individual circumstances