Go4Energy with the title of Laureate in the 'Diamonds of the Sustainable Economy’ competition

Go4Energy with the title of Laureate in the 'Diamonds of the Sustainable Economy’ competition

The innovative BMSCare system has been recognised in the 'Diamonds of the Sustainable Economy’ competition. The jury awarded Go4Energy the title of Laureate in the category TECHNOLOGY LEADER FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

The BMSCare system consists of three modules: Virtual Property Manager, Virtual Technician and Optimization and savings. Thanks to the technology developed, companies operating properties can now easily report ESG targets, accurately analyse the operation of HVAC systems and, most importantly, generate energy savings.

The first module is the Virtual Property Manager, which is responsible for monitoring the operational carbon footprint. With this module, companies can accurately track their GHG emissions, monitor their progress in reducing emissions and report on ESG targets related to sustainability.

The second module, Virtual Technician, is responsible for analysing the performance of HVAC equipment and systems. This module uses advanced algorithms to monitor the performance and efficiency of these systems. This makes it possible to quickly detect failures, optimise equipment operation and schedule maintenance. The Virtual Technician extends the life of the equipment and increases its efficiency, which directly translates into energy savings.

The third module, the Optimization and savings Module, is a key component of the BMSCare system. This module intelligently controls the amount of supply air depending on the current number of occupants in the building. This makes it possible to supply the right amount of air when it is necessary, leading to real energy savings.

CEO Piotr Bartkiewicz said: „In developing BMSCare, it was very important for us to have the participation of our partners: Skanska, Cushman & Wakefield and Loredo, to prepare a solution that meets the needs of the property owner, manager and technician as well as the tenant of the building. Supporting our clients on the road to sustainable, zero-carbon construction has become our challenge. Working together to achieve common ESG goals, through BMSCare has been based on concrete, result-validated actions. Thanks to the consistent and harmonious working of the BMSCare modules, we can support both technical departments, managers and decision-makers in making key decisions. And these allow both the optimisation of energy consumption, costs, emissions and the provision of a high-quality indoor environment for people, who are the beneficiaries of a modern, climate-friendly building. This perceived harmony of actions fits perfectly with the ESG strategy of our customers and ourselves.”

The BMSCare system is now available to our customers. Thanks to our technology partner Transition Technologies, a modern and secure solution has been developed and is now operational on several buildings in Poland. Companies already benefiting from its advantages are optimising the operation of HVAC systems, reducing operating costs, as well as meeting and monitoring their sustainability targets.