Supporting in GRESB benchmark – new service in Go4Energy!

Supporting in GRESB benchmark – new service in Go4Energy!

Participation in the GRESB rating allows companies around the world to obtain comprehensive information about their environmental impact, to show partners and investors their ESG actions and awareness, and also the responsible choices that create the future, with concern for the environment and employees. Go4Energy is responding to our customers’ enquiries by offering a new service of comprehensive support to participate in the GRESB rating assessment.

G4E provided a GRESB benchmark support service to Skanska Property in 2022 – the scope of work included completing and verifying performance data, providing subject matter advice and completing the results in the GRESB forms and portal.

Flowchart of how GRESB rating works with G4E’s support for companies checking their ESG level.

Go4Energy has years of experience in collecting and analysing data on building operations, utility consumption and carbon footprint emissions. The G4E team also includes experts in ESG scoping. This combination makes G4E a reliable partner to ensure that data is correctly submitted to the GRESB assessment and that the best possible result is achieved.

G4E has extensive experience in analyzing utility consumption through the implementation of the GreenFM service and in the building comparison carried out in cooperation with Skanska Property and Cushman&Wakefield, which was summarised in the report „Energy consumption in office buildings”.

Relevant facility in completing the broadest and the most detailed range of data for the GRESB assessment can be BMSCare app made by Go4Energy, which allows to analyse of detailed data from BMS meters. The BMSCare app makes it possible to significantly reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a building, which will allow us to achieve better and better results in the survey and demonstrate our customers’ awareness of the need to bring the company in line with increasingly higher global ESG standards. Using the BMSCARE environment, properly formatted and aggregated data can be generated for the completion of GRESB forms.

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