#GO4ESG – Bicycle infrastructure

#GO4ESG – Bicycle infrastructure

Many people choose cycling instead of car ride as a way to commute to workplace. Aware of these fact employers should put in a place all necessary bicycle infrastructure in the buildings to make this possible and easy.

Providing spaces for bicycle racks and dedicated sanitary facilities for cyclists, consisting of locker rooms and showers, help to create a healthier and greener workplace. The benefits of implementing these solutions refer to the organization and its employees, as well as to the environment.

They include, in particular:

  • reducing the asset’s yearly CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, thereby contributing to the climate change mitigation,
  • creating neighbourhood with fewer CO2 emissions,
  • creating better brand image, by increasing sustainability measures,
  • planting more greenery in place of unused parking lots,
  • increasing employees health, which can result in less frequent absence,
  • improving employees mental wellbeing,
  • providing opportunity for social interaction which can greatly enhance a sense of community and connection,
  • providing affordable and independent travel for those who might otherwise have restricted travel options,
  • employees save money they would spend on commuting by car or public transport,
  • helping to avoid city traffic and allowing to get to destination faster.

Adapting the building in accordance with cyclist’s needs and encouraging the use of this mode of transportation can support the organization in achieving selected Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover this activities have a positive impact on each aspect of ESG, thereby enhancing the sustainability of the workplace:

E– fewer employees using private vehicles or public transportation to commute to work has an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions,

S– engaging employees by creating communities and enabling experience sharing,

G– appropriate micromobility infrastructure can help to recruit new employees and retain current ones.

It’s also worth to mention, that cycle spaces and cyclists’ facilities are important criteria in case of achieving BREEAM certification. This certificate is a valuable tool for improving buildings’ sustainability and environmental performance.

What can Go4Energy do for you?

We offer our customers:

  • conduction of the ESG reporting process for the organization in accordance with the GRI standard;
  • development of an ESG report for the building;
  • preparation of a strategy to reach the company’s climate neutrality;
  • carrying out BREEAM certification;
  • carrying out ActiveScore certification.
  • calculation of the organization’s carbon footprint according to the GHG Protocol standard;
  • analysis and reduction of the building’s carbon footprint;
  • preparation of the decarbonization strategy;

We also support the implementation of other ESG and sustainability measures:

  • analysis of compliance with the EU Taxonomy for new buildings;
  • analysis of compliance with the EU Taxonomy for renovated buildings;
  • conducting an analysis of the impact of BREEAM, LEED and WELL certifications on EU Taxonomy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will answer all the questions and help to tailor the best solution for Your company.

Author: Michalina Hertmanowska