ActiveScore certificate in a nutshell

ActiveScore certificate in a nutshell

In 2022, the transport sector, was responsible for 21.23% of total carbon dioxide emissions in Poland. Moreover, as much as 92.33% of total emissions in this area were generated by road transport. It should come as no surprise, then, that among the wide-ranging activities and initiatives aimed at reducing or completely eliminating anthropogenic carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, there is an increasing focus on road transport.

ActiveScore certification is a type of Active Travel accreditation. Given that choosing sustainable modes of transport has a significant impact on the health, safety and comfort of travellers, ActiveScore focuses on assessing active commuting. The certification promotes ecological and sustainable travel through the presence of developed infrastructure in certified facilities to enable active travel. In particular, cycling, e-biking and walking, which have become increasingly popular in recent times, are promoted.

Buildings are assessed using a transparent, scientific methodology developed in collaboration with experts from the construction industry and specialists in sustainability aspects.

The certification covers three aspects of active travel:

  • Infrastructure – the facilities available in the building such as bicycle hangers/racks, clothes lockers, showers, etc. are assessed,
  • Access to services such as laundry, bicycle service, etc,
  • Future improvements – plans are being assessed for future expansion of facilities and access to services to encourage active travel by building users.

We are delighted to announce that on 01.12.2022, 14 Go4Energy employees have achieved the ActiveScore qualification and officially become ActiveScore Accredited Professionals! We warmly invite you, to contact us, we will be happy to answer any queries and look forward to future fruitful cooperation! 😊

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