DKBE 2019 – Second edition of the debate

DKBE 2019 – Second edition of the debate

DKBE 2019 – second edition of the debate on the role of indoor comfort and installation solutions in modern energy-efficient construction

Lindab together with industry partners invites to the 2nd edition of the debate on the role of indoor comfort and installation solutions in modern energy-efficient construction, which will take place on 7 November 2019 in Warsaw.

The conference is an event organized every 2 years, combining the experience and knowledge of various representatives of the construction industry. The first debate, which took place in 2017, gathered over 250 experts: investors, property managers, architects, designers, inspectors and appraisers, HVAC specialists, experts from technical universities and industry media representatives.

The main goal of DKBE2019 is to exchange experiences and views between all participants of the construction process, especially in the context of designing and using ventilation and air-conditioning systems. During the conference, the topics of indoor comfort of buildings, rules of designing indoor installations, as well as the influence of users on the energy consumption of the whole building will be discussed. Experts from technical universities, trade associations as well as practitioners connected with designing and energy certification of buildings will share their experiences. The debate and discussion on the comfort and energy of buildings will also be joined by investors and representatives of companies involved in space rental and use. Experienced designers will also speak about the expectations and requirements of the projects. In their speeches, they will present the current challenges in designing energy-efficient and user-friendly buildings.

The block of speeches and papers will be divided into open lectures for all participants and thematic sessions taking place in separate rooms and addressed to them:

  • investors, property managers and architects
  • designers, inspectors, appraisers and HVAC specialists.

At the end of the conference there will be a joint discussion panel with a session of questions and discussions about the future and development of new technologies in the HVAC industry.

The substantive partners of the conference are: BIM Association for the Polish Construction Industry, OSWBZ – National Association in Support of Sustainable Construction, PZITS – Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians and SPW – Polish Ventilation Association.

We would like to invite all persons connected with the construction market to participate in the conference. Registration form, lecture schedule and detailed information are available at: