Green housing

Green housing

Flats in Poland are becoming more and more ecological. Jaśminowy Mokotów is another investment in Warsaw which has been awarded the British BREEAM environmental certificate, which confirms the highest standards of its construction and the highest possible comfort.

This is the first construction in Warsaw powered exclusively by wind energy. Thanks to the conscious reduction of the use of electricity, Skanska reduces the adverse impact on the environment already at the stage of the investment – the production of green energy does not cause emission of harmful gases or heat.

The Scandinavian life philosophy, according to which Skanska operates, puts human needs first and creates space for living in close contact with nature. Jaśminowy Mokotów is being built in the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area. Ultimately, it will have its own pond, park with recreation space and gardens between the buildings.

The Warsaw aeration belt, in which the Jaśminowy Mokotów residential investment is being built, guarantees its residents a constant supply of fresh air, despite its location in the middle of the metropolis. The biologically active area, ensuring constant and close contact with nature, constitutes 60% of the area.

The investment certification process was conducted by experts from Go4Energy with 10 years of experience in advising developers. The company’s goal is to contribute to the creation of timeless, yet functional and healthy places to live and work.

Residential developers are increasingly opting for environmental certification of buildings, which in the case of commercial investments is already an absolute standard. To date, more than half a million BREEAM certificates have been issued worldwide, and another 2 million investments are in the process of obtaining them. Jaśminowy Mokotów is the seventh investment in Warsaw with BREEAM International New Construction certificate for Residential buildings. The first and so far the only BREEAM certificate at the executive level of the investment (i.e. FINAL status) has been granted to the Mickiewicza Estate, built by Skanska and certified by experts from Go4Energy.