Computer simulation

Build­ing com­put­er sim­u­la­tion and analy­ses can be pre­pared for new­ly designed build­ing and one being ren­o­vat­ed. Sim­u­la­tions enable design­ers to decide about archi­tec­ton­ic and instal­la­tion design opti­miza­tion, what can lead to low­er ener­gy demand of the build­ing and pro­vides to bet­ter inte­ri­or envi­ron­ment.

Computer simulation covers:

  • Con­sult­ing in the scope of tech­ni­cal solu­tions that have the impact for ener­gy use in new and exist­ing build­ings;
  • Cal­cu­la­tions with the ener­gy mod­el­ling meth­ods that allows to check the con­sis­ten­cy of the building’s project and the require­ments for new build­ings;
  • Ener­gy mod­el­ing for heat­ing and cool­ing use in res­i­den­tial and pri­vate use, per­formed in any time
  • Day­light analy­ses
  • Ther­mal com­fort analy­ses in build­ing inte­ri­ors


Computer simulation and analyses for green building certification:


  • ENE 1 Ener­gy Effi­cien­cy – ener­gy use analy­ses
  • HEA 3 Ther­mal Com­fort – ther­mal com­fort analy­ses
  • HEA 1 Visu­al Com­fort – Day­light­ing – day­light analy­ses
  • HEA 2 Indor Air Qual­i­ty – Poten­tial For Nat­ur­al Ven­ti­la­tion – nat­ur­al ven­ti­la­tion effi­cien­cy analyse
  • MAT 1 – Life Cycle Impact – build­ing mate­r­i­al analy­ses


  • EA Pre­req 2 Min­i­mum Ener­gy Per­for­mance – ener­gy use analy­ses
  • EA Cre 1 Opti­mize Ener­gy Per­for­mance – ener­gy use analy­ses
  • IEQ Cre 8.1 Day­light and Views – day­light analy­ses

European GreenBuilding:

  • Ener­gy use analy­ses