Go4Energy is the first company in Poland to offer WELL-certified comprehensive support and consulting services to investors and contractors. Our team consists of individuals with many years of experience in sustainable construction. Thanks to their commitment, we provide services of the highest standard.


The WELL Building Standard® is a certification system developed by IWBI ™ (International WELL Building Institute™) based on identifying, measuring and monitoring the impact of individual elements of a building’s indoor environment on the people inside it. The elements of the indoor environment specified by WELL are air, water, nourishment, lighting, physical fitness, comfort and well-being. The above elements are divided into more than 100 features, the fulfilment of which affects the final assessment.

The WELL assessment system includes the following assessment typologies:

-New and Existing Buildings

-New and Existing Interior

-Core and Shell Compliance

Depending on the score obtained in the New and Existing Buildings, New and Existing Interiors or Core and Shell projects, it is possible to obtain three levels of certification award – Silver, Gold or Platinum.

WELL was created to complement and interact with the multi-criteria LEED certification system. In this regard, it is a natural next step in the quest to further improve the quality of existing and newly constructed buildings and work spaces. See our LEED certification offer.

International WELL Building Institute™ and the related logo are trademarks used with permission from the International Well Building Institute™.