GBS Certificate

GBS (Green Building Standard) is a Polish building certification system. The authority granting the certificate is the National Association for the Support of Sustainable Building.

Green Building Standard is a certification system, tailored to Polish conditions, which has received the official endorsement of the Ministry of the Environment. The aim of the system is to emphasise the importance of health, comfort and efficiency of users as the main goal in creating indoor environments.

GBS Certificate Goals:

To promote and recognise activities that provide the optimum environment for various human activities,

To promote design solutions that ensure the comfort of building users by creating friendly indoor environments,

To promote the concept that maintaining user comfort and environmental conditions should be a priority in the design and operation of buildings, while retaining complete subjectivity of the building user.

The idea behind Green Building Standard certification is the promotion of buildings where, through integrated design, all parties to the investment process (Investor, Owner, Designer, Contractor, Manager) will be able to create a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for the building’s users, while reducing their energy use with regards to mandatory requirements. Newly-designed and refurbished buildings may undergo the certification process.

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