Computer simulation

Building computer simulation and analyses can be prepared for newly designed building and one being renovated. Simulations enable designers to decide about architectonic and installation design optimization, what can lead to lower energy demand of the building and provides to better interior environment.

Computer simulation covers:

  • Consulting in the scope of technical solutions that have the impact for energy use in new and existing buildings;
  • Calculations with the energy modelling methods that allows to check the consistency of the building’s project and the requirements for new buildings;
  • Energy modeling for heating and cooling use in residential and private use, performed in any time
  • Daylight analyses
  • Thermal comfort analyses in building interiors


Computer simulation and analyses for green building certification:


  • ENE 1 Energy Efficiency – energy use analyses
  • HEA 3 Thermal Comfort – thermal comfort analyses
  • HEA 1 Visual Comfort – Daylighting – daylight analyses
  • HEA 2 Indor Air Quality – Potential For Natural Ventilation – natural ventilation efficiency analyse
  • MAT 1 – Life Cycle Impact – building material analyses


  • EA Prereq 2 Minimum Energy Performance – energy use analyses
  • EA Cre 1 Optimize Energy Performance – energy use analyses
  • IEQ Cre 8.1 Daylight and Views – daylight analyses

European GreenBuilding:

  • Energy use analyses

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