How do we operate?

Our company, Go4Energy, is focused on building trust in relations between the customer and the consultant. Only reliable and complete information may provide foundations for responsible consulting, which, in combination with other strategies in the company, may bring the expected results.

Form of activity

Our real property consulting company specialising in broadly understood energy saving provides competent, objective and impartial advice, professional information and accurate solutions.

We operate based on a consulting agreement which consists in provision of consulting services by the consultant for the client against remuneration. The consulting services include:

  • specialist information relevant to the client,
  • development (processing) of obtained data,
  • performing diagnostic activities,
  • formulation of recommendations,
  • providing specialist advice.

We work with the client to determine:

  • the objective (quantitative or qualitative),
  • the evaluation criteria,
  • the interpretation of results.

We ensure:

  • impartiality,
  • objectivity.

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